Dark Tide Rising

Lost in Space

Valkian, Malice, and Malor Korrik leave Korriban on a journey to an ancient hidden temple on a planet hidden in the deep core. They find that when they come out of hyperspace they’re not at their desired location but have arrived at a strange planet with no star and 42 moons. Upon closer examination they are confronted by strange white creatures that seem to come out of the moon. They are attacked and their ship is crashed on the surface of the planet. During their crash Malice notices alot of wreckage to the south of where they end up landing. They journey half a day to the south and upon reaching mountains of wreckage they encounter two individuals, a gungan and a duros. Malice asks who they are and if there are others, after they refuse to answer he crushes the gungan with use of the force and asks again. The duros willingly replies and leads them to his tribe. They meet with the tribe and are greeted by a female Mon Calamari named Bolaph. She refuses to help them but tells them someone who will. They travel across the Scatter to seek the Whyrens tribe. On the way they encounter a group of darkside force users and Valkian calls upon the power of the ancient sith lords to help defeat them. They kill them and start continuing on their journey. Valkian’s eyes stop glowing red and turn black as he attacks Malice. Malice takes off halfway through the fight as the former Valkian makes his way across the scatter. Malor Korrik continues talking to Darth Valkian wondering what’s happened and Darth Valkian introduces himself as Darth Plagueis. They meet up with the Whyrens tribe and their leader Sinya Mobok. She agrees to help them out as long as she goes with them. They all agree and return to Valkian’s ship. After Darth Plagueis has a vision they leave and head to Korriban.

Treasure Hunt

Devik Brawnhide meets his old captain, Captain Mendin who invites devik to seek a treasure on Makem Te. Devik agrees and when he boards Mendin’s ship he’s greeting with his other two old friends Bakoom and Taverk. They blast off and land in the city Thousand Thousand. They’re greeting by the native Swokes Swokes. They search for records of a person named Burba of Strekk and find out the person they are looking for is dead. When asked where to find him they are told of the Tract and warned that they need the Council of Caliph’s permission to enter it. They instead skip the permission and make their way across the Tract. They find the grave marked Burba of Strekk and break through to discover no body, no treasure, but some ancient technology. Taverk can’t seem to figure it out so when they return to the ship he hooks it up to the ship’s computer to analyze it. When he hooks it up the ship take off by itself, and locks them out of the controls. They unhook the device and the ship still leaves the planet and enters hyperspace. After a few days they arrive in orbit of a gas giant planet. The ship navigates through the orbit and lands on an ice moon. They get out on the ice moon and make their way toward a white pyramid in the distance. They are attacked by some ice apes on the way and see eyes and strange creatures watching them from below the ice. They find an ice bridge crossing over the strange liquid to the pyramid. While trying to cross they are attacked by worm creatures. Bakoom is throw into the liquid metal and swims his way out. After they kill the creatures Captain Mendin breaks Bakoom’s armor to keep him from freezing to death. They make their way into the pyramid and after some research into the system’s computer find out they can open a portal to elsewhere in the galaxy. They head to Corellia to meet with Mendin’s friend Todrin Quee.

The Inquisition Begins

Darth Valkian meets with his master and is shown a newly constructed temple. He tells Malice of his visions, seeing a dark tower where the Covenant seems to be predicting their moves. Malice confirms what he says and informs him that they’ll need extra help to find the Covenant and must destroy the tower. He then introduces Valkian to the new Inquisitor Krath Del’Ray. Darth Malice then informs him they will starting an Inquisition of force users throughout all Coalition territories. Valkian is then instructed to go to Dathomir and retrieve some of the force witches there for help in finding the Covenant.

Valkian stop and gets Sludogo on the way as Devik is nowhere to be found. They land on Dathomir. and Valkian meets with Menasta and her fellow sisters of the Shadow Rain Clan. Menasta tells him she will come help if he kill Zerion of the Night Serpents. Valkian and Sludogo fly to the North Mountains. They land in the plains before the mountains and make their way to find Zerion. They are confronted by two dark cloaked figures and escorted straight to Zerion. They meet with her and realize that she knew they were coming and knows who they are. Valkian decides that instead of killing her, he wants her help. She tells him to prove himself to the darkside by slaying the tribe that once befriended him. They make their way back to the Shadow Rain Clan where he duels with Menasta. After killing her in front of her tribe, they follow him, where he leads them to the Great Canyon clan and immediately to their death. He then picks up Zerion and returns to Korriban

The Lost Army

The group enters the atmosphere of mandalore and is immediately shot at. They land in a secluded area and make their way through the forests of this planet to see if they can find this lost army. After hours through the dense jungle they find what seems to be a rock quarry and find a spot to scout out the area. As they do so they are encountered from behind by a large platoon of armored and armed warriors. The group, being majorly outnumbered, surrenders and agrees to go with the soldiers. They are taken to a fortress and delivered to Commander Tola Resh. The group tells the commander they want to meet the leader of all the armies. He informs them that they seek Mandalore and in order to meet the ultimate leader, they need to prove themselves as soldiers. He informs them that all Mandalorians follow Mandalore but they are all separated by individual clans led by commanders who stay in constant warfare. In order to prove themselves they must take a smallmandalorian fortress by themselves. They are dropped off a mile from the fortress in a jungle and make their way toward the fortress. On their way they discover mandalorian soldiers setting explosive traps. They take the soldiers out and Sludogo disarms the traps and takes the explosives with him. They have no more problems with the traps and find the fortress. The well guarded fortress has a main door and sniper towers located on a large wall. Valkian and Sludogo hide in the jungle while Devik sneaks into the facility and scouts it out. While in he finds a large robot and has his droid reprogram it for future usage. After the scouting they regroup and make their plans. Devik infiltrates the fortress once again shutting down the power and activating the large robot he reprogrammed earlier. While the robot is wreaking havoc on the soldiers Valkian and Sludogo take out the soldiers on the outside. Sludogo is badly injured during the battle and slowly moves behind valkian as they enter the fortress to see the giant robot killing soldiers. After the robot is taken out Devik Brawnhide drops from the ceiling and [[:valkian | Valkian jumps into the room to finish off the last of them. Sludogo makes his way to the medical facility while Valkian and Devik gather some explosives and blow up the command room. They both drop from the ceiling to finish off the Commander and his last two soldiers. Afterwards they radio Commander Tola Resh and are joined by his forces about an hour later. After they resupply they are flown to their meeting with the legendary Mandalore. They arrive at a gigantic fortress with thousands of soldiers. They are escorted to a large round room with commanders standing at attention close to the walls. Darth Valkian and Mandalore enter a duel during which Devik Brawnhide sneaks around and disarms his commanders. Mandalore being impressed accepts the invitation to fight the republic and invites Sludogo and Devik to join his army as Mandalorian Generals. They gladly accept. After their success the group separates off to their separate ways. Devik and Sludogo head to Nar Shadaa while Valkian meets back with his master on Korriban

Seeking the Seeker

Darth Valkian, Devik Brawnhide, and Sludogo travel to the planet Togoria to seek mercenaries to use in the war against the republic. They land in the Caross, the capital city. They find that they may not leave this city without risk of being attacked by the natives of this planet. They find Mezka who is currently leading this city in her husband’s absence and she allows them to leave the city with no guarantee of their survival. She tells them of the Shaper who lives in the Swamp of Vapors and provides them with a guide. On their journey they are confronted by Terryn the Margrave of Togoria and husband to Mezka. After a brief confrontation with the group he decides to let them go and threatens to leave them staked to the ground for the Liphons to eat if he catches them again. After the group reaches the Swamp of Vapors they encounter strange creatures and constant traps. Valkian falls in a few pit traps and the group is extremely cautious. After reaching a cave in the middle of the swamp they encounter the Shaper, an old and feeble man with force powers, and his three creatures that attack them immediately. After a very hard fight they kill the creatures and question the Shaper only to find out that he is a defector from the Mandalorian armies and thought they were sent to kill him. Before leaving valkian decapitates the Shaper for his cowardice and takes his datapad which contains coordinates for Mandalore. They are off to meet this long thought dead army.

Surprised Surprise Attack

Valkian returns to Korriban after successfully infiltrating the Jedi Archives and retrieving the holocrons. After speaking with Lord Malice on Shadow Station he leaves to assist General Rakeesha in taking a Jedi Temple on the planet Dantooine. He reaches the planet five hours before General Rakeesha arrives so he decides to scout the planet. He realized the temple has been evacuated. Afterward, three individuals resembling Jedi confront him and introduce themselves as the Covenant. The leader of this group leaves two of their soldiers to kill Valkian and throws Valkian’s ship off in the woods. An epic battle commences in which the two soldiers seem to fight in complete sequence. Valkian is badly wounded after killing one of the soldiers. Just when it seems like the end for him a black bird comes out of his ship and kills the last soldier with a bolt of lighting, frying itself. Valkian awakens on Rakeesha’s flag ship and has to have a breather installed due to extensive damage to his chest and lungs.

Infiltrations and Assassination

Sludogo receives a mission from his Hutt contact withing Rikoksa to assassinate a senator by the name of Zethe Raskin on Coruscant. He’s told that Zethe will be making a speech in order to increase military might around the Republic’s core planets. Sludogo ends up scouting the area out and finding a hotel right beside the hotel Zethe is staying in. After setting up and waiting for the ideal shot he takes a single shot that goes straight through both windows and kill Zethe instantly. By the time the authorities realize what’s going on Sludogo is already making his escape from Coruscant.

Devik receives a mission from Behlrahn Kian to the planet Woostri. He is informed to meet a contact by the name of Nizan Akida and he would infiltrate the Holo-Net database. He lands in the spaceport and is immediately confronted by the female Woostoid. She tells him of a maintenance entrance to the database if he can secure an access card. Devik tracks one of the maintenance workers to his apartment and assassinates him for his card. He then enters through the maintenance entrance and goes up the catwalks. He finds a pipe he can balance on through a gear room and narrowly dodges winding gears into the cooling tower. In the cooling tower he has to hold his breath while balancing across pipes and dodging steam vents discharging upwards. He finally makes it to the Central Unit of the database and installs a remote access device. He finds the generator room after that and shuts down the security system. He then makes a hasty escape with a datachip that he delivers to Behlrahn

Valkian receives special instructions from Malice to steal a sith holocron from below the Jedi Archives on Coruscant. He lands on the planet and is greeting by a male Cerean by the name of Tasada. They retreat to Tasada’s secret hideout where he informs him of Malice’s creations that are to be set loose before Valkian infiltrates the Jedi Temple. The next day all the creations are set loose in the undercity of Coruscant. While the Jedi are off fighting off the menace Valkian has an easy entrance to the temple. He makes his way down to the archives and finds the Librarian along with 2 Jedi Knights hindering his way. After a heated battle he leaves a pile of body parts and finds the hidden level of the archives. He finds 3 sith holocrons and leaves the temple on his way back to meet with his master.

Fall of the Titan

Darth Valkian, Sludogo, and Devik Brawnhide head to the forest moon of Endor to fell the mighty beast. They dock on a small space station orbiting the moon and meet the Iridonian Dr. Pral and the pilot who simply goes by Brett. They tell them, they have orders to seek and subdue this large beast alive. After given their orders the group flies down to the surface and lands on a nice rock formation surrounded by the jungle. The trio heads off into the wild jungle to seek the behemoth known as the Gorax. After days of exploring and battling the local jungle creatures, they meet the local Ewoks and eventually find the tribe led by Chief Ran’cha who speaks basic. The chief tells them he knows where the Gorax is and that his tribe will help them take it down as they have been tormented by it for generations. They travel for days through the jungle until it levels out into a field leading to a mountain range. At the beginning of the mountain range is the mouth to a large cave the locals call Tch’tiwa. Outside of the cave live a tribe of gorilla like creatures that worship the Gorax. Devik Brawnhide goes ahead of the group and sets up traps above the cave entrance to snare the Gorax. Sludogo sets up in a tree while Darth Valkian and the Ewoks lead a raid on the tribe in front of the cave. Darth Valkian summons a storm above the battlefield to distract and scare some of the locals away. The rain shorts out Sludogo’s gun and he’s forced to run on foot and use his smaller gun. The 30 meter tall Gorax comes out and is snared by some boulders set up by Devik Brawnhide. The beast lashes out and attacks Darth Valkian and Devik Brawnhide. Devik Brawnhide runs up behind it and slices the tendons in it’s legs as it squishes quite a few of the apelike creatures underneath it’s body. Darth Valkian and Devik Brawnhide work together to knock the beast unconscious. Afterward Dr. Pral and Brett land and pump the creature full of tranquilizers, load it up, and take off to Kessel.

A few days later they come out of hyperspace and land on Kessel. The beast is taken off the ship and taken down a colossal elevator below the surface to a large alchemical facility. Commander Del’Mar and Darth Malice are waiting on them and order the group to help clear out the spice spiders so the can move the Gorax to the medical facility for their experiments. Darth Valkian is then ordered to go to Coruscant to retrieve sith holocrons from the Jedi Temple’s library. Devik Brawnhide and Sludogo get paid and head back to their homes on Nar Shadaa.

Not a Kloo

After meeting up with the legendary dug sharpshooter, Sludogo, the trio head to the planet Farrfin to silence a leak before he delivers crucial information to the Republic. They meet up with Kurza upon arriving at the spaceport. He informs them to keep a low profile as they are on a Republic controlled planet. He also informs them their target, Kloo, is meeting with a Jedi to exchange information. After ascertaining the information the sharpshooter scouts a good place to take a shot as Darth Valkian tracks down the leak and breaks into his hotel room. He restrains the informant and decides to catch some sleep. He has a rude awakening at the end of a lightsaber blade being wielded by a female Twi’lek. After some dialog and a brief battle she takes off in flight and Darth Valkian gives chase. He radio’s ahead to Devik Brawnhide and Sludogo to cut her off. They meet up at a park area on the edge of a forest and an epic battles pursues. Sludogo wounds the Jedi Master and she runs off with unnatural speed into the forest. They cannot pursue and have to immediately leave the planet as it’s being locked down because of their attacks. They immediately depart to the forest moon of Endor to bring the dreaded Gorax back alive to Kessel.


Darth Valkian, the sith apprentice meets up with Devik Brawnhide the spiner and Ichiba the Squib. They travel to Trandosha on a mission of diplomacy. Darth Valkian representing the Coalition of Free Worlds, Ichiba speaking on his behalf, and Devik Brawnhide providing extra security. During a meeting with the leaders they are told to bring the head back of one of the Wookie leaders are nearby planet Kashyyk to show loyalty and strength before they consider an alliance. The group takes off on a military ship, but as they enter the atmosphere of Kashyyk they are shot down and crash land in the jungles. While Darth Valkian was scouting, Devik Brawnhide and Ichiba were attacked by a large spider in the perilous forests and Ichiba was taken into the canopy and consumed by the predator. Devik Brawnhide and Darth Valkian press and find the tribe lead by the legendary black wookie. They approach and Darth Valkian challenges the chieftain to a duel and after being wounded, subdues the chieftain. They immediately leave the planet and sign the treaty with Trandosha. Afterwards, they meet up with a sniper and head on an assassination mission.


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