Darth Valkian

Sith Apprentice to Darth Malice


An average size human with ashen skin. Wearing black robes with a red inlay, black gloves, a double-bladed lightsabre and an amulet derived from Markos Ragnos he travels the universe spreading destruction and anger.


Raised on a planet in the outer rim, Papa Weaura was taken in by the jedi order for training after finding out that he was force sensitive. Many years of training with the force and the usage of an age old weapon, the lightsabre, this young student wasn’t contempt with the simple power that he held within the jedi order. His master, after finding a sith holocron in the jedi temple, led him to a far off planet where his body was taken over by an ancient sith lord named Darth Malice.

After Malice had taken over the body of his former master, he recognized the power and ambition that lied within Papa. Offering him a place by his side, Malice quickly made use of his new and young apprentice.

Many deaths of jedi later and the acquiring of power through the dark side of the force, Darth Valkian has made his impact on the universe and the balance of the force itself. What happens from here is only decided by history itself!

Darth Valkian

Dark Tide Rising Valkian