Dark Tide Rising

Treasure Hunt

Devik Brawnhide meets his old captain, Captain Mendin who invites devik to seek a treasure on Makem Te. Devik agrees and when he boards Mendin’s ship he’s greeting with his other two old friends Bakoom and Taverk. They blast off and land in the city Thousand Thousand. They’re greeting by the native Swokes Swokes. They search for records of a person named Burba of Strekk and find out the person they are looking for is dead. When asked where to find him they are told of the Tract and warned that they need the Council of Caliph’s permission to enter it. They instead skip the permission and make their way across the Tract. They find the grave marked Burba of Strekk and break through to discover no body, no treasure, but some ancient technology. Taverk can’t seem to figure it out so when they return to the ship he hooks it up to the ship’s computer to analyze it. When he hooks it up the ship take off by itself, and locks them out of the controls. They unhook the device and the ship still leaves the planet and enters hyperspace. After a few days they arrive in orbit of a gas giant planet. The ship navigates through the orbit and lands on an ice moon. They get out on the ice moon and make their way toward a white pyramid in the distance. They are attacked by some ice apes on the way and see eyes and strange creatures watching them from below the ice. They find an ice bridge crossing over the strange liquid to the pyramid. While trying to cross they are attacked by worm creatures. Bakoom is throw into the liquid metal and swims his way out. After they kill the creatures Captain Mendin breaks Bakoom’s armor to keep him from freezing to death. They make their way into the pyramid and after some research into the system’s computer find out they can open a portal to elsewhere in the galaxy. They head to Corellia to meet with Mendin’s friend Todrin Quee.



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