Dark Tide Rising

The Lost Army

The group enters the atmosphere of mandalore and is immediately shot at. They land in a secluded area and make their way through the forests of this planet to see if they can find this lost army. After hours through the dense jungle they find what seems to be a rock quarry and find a spot to scout out the area. As they do so they are encountered from behind by a large platoon of armored and armed warriors. The group, being majorly outnumbered, surrenders and agrees to go with the soldiers. They are taken to a fortress and delivered to Commander Tola Resh. The group tells the commander they want to meet the leader of all the armies. He informs them that they seek Mandalore and in order to meet the ultimate leader, they need to prove themselves as soldiers. He informs them that all Mandalorians follow Mandalore but they are all separated by individual clans led by commanders who stay in constant warfare. In order to prove themselves they must take a smallmandalorian fortress by themselves. They are dropped off a mile from the fortress in a jungle and make their way toward the fortress. On their way they discover mandalorian soldiers setting explosive traps. They take the soldiers out and Sludogo disarms the traps and takes the explosives with him. They have no more problems with the traps and find the fortress. The well guarded fortress has a main door and sniper towers located on a large wall. Valkian and Sludogo hide in the jungle while Devik sneaks into the facility and scouts it out. While in he finds a large robot and has his droid reprogram it for future usage. After the scouting they regroup and make their plans. Devik infiltrates the fortress once again shutting down the power and activating the large robot he reprogrammed earlier. While the robot is wreaking havoc on the soldiers Valkian and Sludogo take out the soldiers on the outside. Sludogo is badly injured during the battle and slowly moves behind valkian as they enter the fortress to see the giant robot killing soldiers. After the robot is taken out Devik Brawnhide drops from the ceiling and [[:valkian | Valkian jumps into the room to finish off the last of them. Sludogo makes his way to the medical facility while Valkian and Devik gather some explosives and blow up the command room. They both drop from the ceiling to finish off the Commander and his last two soldiers. Afterwards they radio Commander Tola Resh and are joined by his forces about an hour later. After they resupply they are flown to their meeting with the legendary Mandalore. They arrive at a gigantic fortress with thousands of soldiers. They are escorted to a large round room with commanders standing at attention close to the walls. Darth Valkian and Mandalore enter a duel during which Devik Brawnhide sneaks around and disarms his commanders. Mandalore being impressed accepts the invitation to fight the republic and invites Sludogo and Devik to join his army as Mandalorian Generals. They gladly accept. After their success the group separates off to their separate ways. Devik and Sludogo head to Nar Shadaa while Valkian meets back with his master on Korriban



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