Dark Tide Rising

The Inquisition Begins

Darth Valkian meets with his master and is shown a newly constructed temple. He tells Malice of his visions, seeing a dark tower where the Covenant seems to be predicting their moves. Malice confirms what he says and informs him that they’ll need extra help to find the Covenant and must destroy the tower. He then introduces Valkian to the new Inquisitor Krath Del’Ray. Darth Malice then informs him they will starting an Inquisition of force users throughout all Coalition territories. Valkian is then instructed to go to Dathomir and retrieve some of the force witches there for help in finding the Covenant.

Valkian stop and gets Sludogo on the way as Devik is nowhere to be found. They land on Dathomir. and Valkian meets with Menasta and her fellow sisters of the Shadow Rain Clan. Menasta tells him she will come help if he kill Zerion of the Night Serpents. Valkian and Sludogo fly to the North Mountains. They land in the plains before the mountains and make their way to find Zerion. They are confronted by two dark cloaked figures and escorted straight to Zerion. They meet with her and realize that she knew they were coming and knows who they are. Valkian decides that instead of killing her, he wants her help. She tells him to prove himself to the darkside by slaying the tribe that once befriended him. They make their way back to the Shadow Rain Clan where he duels with Menasta. After killing her in front of her tribe, they follow him, where he leads them to the Great Canyon clan and immediately to their death. He then picks up Zerion and returns to Korriban



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