Dark Tide Rising

Surprised Surprise Attack

Valkian returns to Korriban after successfully infiltrating the Jedi Archives and retrieving the holocrons. After speaking with Lord Malice on Shadow Station he leaves to assist General Rakeesha in taking a Jedi Temple on the planet Dantooine. He reaches the planet five hours before General Rakeesha arrives so he decides to scout the planet. He realized the temple has been evacuated. Afterward, three individuals resembling Jedi confront him and introduce themselves as the Covenant. The leader of this group leaves two of their soldiers to kill Valkian and throws Valkian’s ship off in the woods. An epic battle commences in which the two soldiers seem to fight in complete sequence. Valkian is badly wounded after killing one of the soldiers. Just when it seems like the end for him a black bird comes out of his ship and kills the last soldier with a bolt of lighting, frying itself. Valkian awakens on Rakeesha’s flag ship and has to have a breather installed due to extensive damage to his chest and lungs.



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