Dark Tide Rising

Not a Kloo

After meeting up with the legendary dug sharpshooter, Sludogo, the trio head to the planet Farrfin to silence a leak before he delivers crucial information to the Republic. They meet up with Kurza upon arriving at the spaceport. He informs them to keep a low profile as they are on a Republic controlled planet. He also informs them their target, Kloo, is meeting with a Jedi to exchange information. After ascertaining the information the sharpshooter scouts a good place to take a shot as Darth Valkian tracks down the leak and breaks into his hotel room. He restrains the informant and decides to catch some sleep. He has a rude awakening at the end of a lightsaber blade being wielded by a female Twi’lek. After some dialog and a brief battle she takes off in flight and Darth Valkian gives chase. He radio’s ahead to Devik Brawnhide and Sludogo to cut her off. They meet up at a park area on the edge of a forest and an epic battles pursues. Sludogo wounds the Jedi Master and she runs off with unnatural speed into the forest. They cannot pursue and have to immediately leave the planet as it’s being locked down because of their attacks. They immediately depart to the forest moon of Endor to bring the dreaded Gorax back alive to Kessel.



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