Dark Tide Rising

Lost in Space

Valkian, Malice, and Malor Korrik leave Korriban on a journey to an ancient hidden temple on a planet hidden in the deep core. They find that when they come out of hyperspace they’re not at their desired location but have arrived at a strange planet with no star and 42 moons. Upon closer examination they are confronted by strange white creatures that seem to come out of the moon. They are attacked and their ship is crashed on the surface of the planet. During their crash Malice notices alot of wreckage to the south of where they end up landing. They journey half a day to the south and upon reaching mountains of wreckage they encounter two individuals, a gungan and a duros. Malice asks who they are and if there are others, after they refuse to answer he crushes the gungan with use of the force and asks again. The duros willingly replies and leads them to his tribe. They meet with the tribe and are greeted by a female Mon Calamari named Bolaph. She refuses to help them but tells them someone who will. They travel across the Scatter to seek the Whyrens tribe. On the way they encounter a group of darkside force users and Valkian calls upon the power of the ancient sith lords to help defeat them. They kill them and start continuing on their journey. Valkian’s eyes stop glowing red and turn black as he attacks Malice. Malice takes off halfway through the fight as the former Valkian makes his way across the scatter. Malor Korrik continues talking to Darth Valkian wondering what’s happened and Darth Valkian introduces himself as Darth Plagueis. They meet up with the Whyrens tribe and their leader Sinya Mobok. She agrees to help them out as long as she goes with them. They all agree and return to Valkian’s ship. After Darth Plagueis has a vision they leave and head to Korriban.



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