Dark Tide Rising

Infiltrations and Assassination

Sludogo receives a mission from his Hutt contact withing Rikoksa to assassinate a senator by the name of Zethe Raskin on Coruscant. He’s told that Zethe will be making a speech in order to increase military might around the Republic’s core planets. Sludogo ends up scouting the area out and finding a hotel right beside the hotel Zethe is staying in. After setting up and waiting for the ideal shot he takes a single shot that goes straight through both windows and kill Zethe instantly. By the time the authorities realize what’s going on Sludogo is already making his escape from Coruscant.

Devik receives a mission from Behlrahn Kian to the planet Woostri. He is informed to meet a contact by the name of Nizan Akida and he would infiltrate the Holo-Net database. He lands in the spaceport and is immediately confronted by the female Woostoid. She tells him of a maintenance entrance to the database if he can secure an access card. Devik tracks one of the maintenance workers to his apartment and assassinates him for his card. He then enters through the maintenance entrance and goes up the catwalks. He finds a pipe he can balance on through a gear room and narrowly dodges winding gears into the cooling tower. In the cooling tower he has to hold his breath while balancing across pipes and dodging steam vents discharging upwards. He finally makes it to the Central Unit of the database and installs a remote access device. He finds the generator room after that and shuts down the security system. He then makes a hasty escape with a datachip that he delivers to Behlrahn

Valkian receives special instructions from Malice to steal a sith holocron from below the Jedi Archives on Coruscant. He lands on the planet and is greeting by a male Cerean by the name of Tasada. They retreat to Tasada’s secret hideout where he informs him of Malice’s creations that are to be set loose before Valkian infiltrates the Jedi Temple. The next day all the creations are set loose in the undercity of Coruscant. While the Jedi are off fighting off the menace Valkian has an easy entrance to the temple. He makes his way down to the archives and finds the Librarian along with 2 Jedi Knights hindering his way. After a heated battle he leaves a pile of body parts and finds the hidden level of the archives. He finds 3 sith holocrons and leaves the temple on his way back to meet with his master.



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