Dark Tide Rising

Fall of the Titan

Darth Valkian, Sludogo, and Devik Brawnhide head to the forest moon of Endor to fell the mighty beast. They dock on a small space station orbiting the moon and meet the Iridonian Dr. Pral and the pilot who simply goes by Brett. They tell them, they have orders to seek and subdue this large beast alive. After given their orders the group flies down to the surface and lands on a nice rock formation surrounded by the jungle. The trio heads off into the wild jungle to seek the behemoth known as the Gorax. After days of exploring and battling the local jungle creatures, they meet the local Ewoks and eventually find the tribe led by Chief Ran’cha who speaks basic. The chief tells them he knows where the Gorax is and that his tribe will help them take it down as they have been tormented by it for generations. They travel for days through the jungle until it levels out into a field leading to a mountain range. At the beginning of the mountain range is the mouth to a large cave the locals call Tch’tiwa. Outside of the cave live a tribe of gorilla like creatures that worship the Gorax. Devik Brawnhide goes ahead of the group and sets up traps above the cave entrance to snare the Gorax. Sludogo sets up in a tree while Darth Valkian and the Ewoks lead a raid on the tribe in front of the cave. Darth Valkian summons a storm above the battlefield to distract and scare some of the locals away. The rain shorts out Sludogo’s gun and he’s forced to run on foot and use his smaller gun. The 30 meter tall Gorax comes out and is snared by some boulders set up by Devik Brawnhide. The beast lashes out and attacks Darth Valkian and Devik Brawnhide. Devik Brawnhide runs up behind it and slices the tendons in it’s legs as it squishes quite a few of the apelike creatures underneath it’s body. Darth Valkian and Devik Brawnhide work together to knock the beast unconscious. Afterward Dr. Pral and Brett land and pump the creature full of tranquilizers, load it up, and take off to Kessel.

A few days later they come out of hyperspace and land on Kessel. The beast is taken off the ship and taken down a colossal elevator below the surface to a large alchemical facility. Commander Del’Mar and Darth Malice are waiting on them and order the group to help clear out the spice spiders so the can move the Gorax to the medical facility for their experiments. Darth Valkian is then ordered to go to Coruscant to retrieve sith holocrons from the Jedi Temple’s library. Devik Brawnhide and Sludogo get paid and head back to their homes on Nar Shadaa.



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