Dark Tide Rising


Darth Valkian, the sith apprentice meets up with Devik Brawnhide the spiner and Ichiba the Squib. They travel to Trandosha on a mission of diplomacy. Darth Valkian representing the Coalition of Free Worlds, Ichiba speaking on his behalf, and Devik Brawnhide providing extra security. During a meeting with the leaders they are told to bring the head back of one of the Wookie leaders are nearby planet Kashyyk to show loyalty and strength before they consider an alliance. The group takes off on a military ship, but as they enter the atmosphere of Kashyyk they are shot down and crash land in the jungles. While Darth Valkian was scouting, Devik Brawnhide and Ichiba were attacked by a large spider in the perilous forests and Ichiba was taken into the canopy and consumed by the predator. Devik Brawnhide and Darth Valkian press and find the tribe lead by the legendary black wookie. They approach and Darth Valkian challenges the chieftain to a duel and after being wounded, subdues the chieftain. They immediately leave the planet and sign the treaty with Trandosha. Afterwards, they meet up with a sniper and head on an assassination mission.



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